Ext Chart

Cocoa application for computing and drawing spectral sequences

Download (v0.2.1)


Ext Chart is open source software released under the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License.

Ext Chart

This project has largely been superseded by Hood Chatham et al.'s project, whose source is available on GitHub and which is under active development.

The goal of this project is to facilitate the drawing and manipulation of spectral sequences, by tracking the differential and multiplicative structures across pages of a given spectral sequence.

The latest stable version of this program is 0.2.1, released 2014/08/14.



Demo SSEQ files: None yet.


If you would like to build Ext Chart yourself, use Xcode to download the Ext Chart repository from GitHub:

  1. Open Xcode and choose the Source Control > Check Out… menu item.
  2. Type https://github.com/Ext-Tenders/Ext-Chart.git in the repository location field and click Next.
  3. Select a folder in your disk where the project repository will be stored and click Check Out.
  4. Open Xcode’s workspace.

For more information, including instructions on how to commit once granted repository write-access rights, see the project README.


The GitHub repository provides an issue tracker for the project. Users are invited to file bugs and otherwise suggest improvements there.

There is also a channel for discussion on Freenode at #Ext-Chart.